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Textile texture Internal Wall Coating

Textile texture Internal Wall Coating

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Product Name: Textile texture Internal Wall Coating

Brand: Autex Render

Colour: Multiple Color to Choose

Size: 1 kg to 200 kg

Appearance: Colored thick liquid

1 sqm of surface requires approximately 1 kg of Textile texture Internal Wall Coating

Donot apply the coat when the ambient temperature is under 18 °C

Full Drying Time: 48hrs depending on ambient temperature and room humidity

Why just settle for standard paint when there’s a bevy of beautiful interior wall finishes just waiting to bring your indoor space to life?

In terms of interior space, your walls are your biggest canvas, so why not make a statement and apply a finish that stands out from the rest and shows some creative flair?

At Autex Render we love when our clients take the lead and inject personality into their interior with out-of-the-box wall finishes.

Textile texture Internal Wall Coating is now being featured on interior walls and is making a big splash in the interior design world. Textile texture complements the fabric look, injecting colour, depth and texture, and comes in an infinite number of colour combinations. It can be laid on plasterboard, concrete, precast panels. 

Autex renders on both internal and external walls perform a number of functions. These include better waterproofing, improved fire rating and an improved appearance through the use of coloured or textured renders.


To get the best results it is important that the application must be done right, that it is properly applied to the correct thickness in the appropriate number of coats and that attention is paid to curing. 

Before you start you need to ensure that the surface you are rendering is free from dirt, dust, oil, grease, paint, silicone or friable material. Smooth dense surfaces with low absorption rates like concrete or metal window frames should be tested in small area before application.



Use paint roller to apply the base coat. Second base coat might be necessary if the substrate has dark color.

You will need to let base coat dry for at least 24 hrs before applying the texture coat.


Apply a smooth coat of texture coat using paint roller. Immediately using hard bristle brush to sweep from top to bottom vertically.  Let it dry for at least 4 hrs. Once the first texture coat is dried. Apply another smooth coat of texture coat using paint roller, immediately using hard bristle brush to sweep from left to right horizontally. Let it dry for 48 hrs. Fully dried coat is water resistant.

Watch the Instruction Demo Video:

Once the feature wall is done, no one will ever know what lies beneath and most featured walls look like art work so you get a strong visual design that makes your whole home appear more grand.

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