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Black Iron Oxide

Black Iron Oxide

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Product Name: Black Iron Oxide

Purity Grade: Technical Grade

CAS Number: 1309-37-1

Size: 10 micrometre in average

Appearance: black powder

Other Features: Hydrophilic


The realm of pigments and inorganic compounds has been revolutionized with the advent of Black Iron Oxide. Ever wondered what an assortment of products utilize the unique properties of Black Iron Oxide? Let's unwrap the mystery!

Black Iron Oxide, also known scientifically as magnetite, is highly esteemed for its excellent colouring and magnetic properties. It's extensively used across various industries such as beauty, construction, and art, to name a few. Where precisely is Black Iron Oxide making its remarkable mark? Let's find out!

Black Iron Oxide in Cosmetics

Contrary to popular belief, Black Iron Oxide isn't merely restricted to industrial uses. Who would have thought that this seemingly basic compound finds expansive use in cosmetics? The answer lies in its natural, non-toxic pigmentation abilities.

  • Eyeliners and Mascaras: Think of a lustrous, deep black eyeliner. The sultry dark shade springs from Black Iron Oxide. It's what gives your eye makeup its intensity and depth.
  • Lipsticks: Dark hues in lip colours are often attributed to the Black Iron Oxide component.

Construction Applications

In the world of brick and mortar, Black Iron Oxide plays a significant role. Here, it's not about beauty, but strength and permanence.

  • Concrete: Black Iron Oxide provides an excellent pigment to color concrete.
  • Tiles and Ceramics: The glossy black tiles in your home can credit their sheen and appeal to Black Iron Oxide.

Artistry Uses

Also, Black Iron Oxide holds an integral place in the creative world.

  • Paints and Inks: Black Iron Oxide, with its remarkably intense colour, becomes the primary ingredient in various paints, drawing inks, and calligraphy inks.

Other Uses

Black Iron Oxide's versatility doesn't end there. It goes beyond boundaries and finds usage in thermite and even magnetic therapies.

Thermite: Black Iron Oxide serves as a reactant in thermite, making it critical for this process.

Magnetic Therapies: Due to its magnetic nature, Black Iron Oxide is sometimes used in magnetic therapies.

Wrapping Up

The spectrum of Black Iron Oxide's applications is broad, penetrating deep into various market segments. So, what's the bottom line? Whether it's adding allure to your makeup or strength to a structure, this versatile compound is certainly a ‘black beauty’ in its own right!

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