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Product Name: Borax

Purity Grade: Technical Grade

CAS Number: 1303-96-4

Size: 0.2 mm in average

Appearance: crystal powder

Other Features: Hydrophilic


Whether borax constitutes a regular part of your life or you're venturing into it for the first time, one thing that can't be underrated is the hefty role it plays in our daily lives.

Understand the Uses of Borax First

Understanding borax and its diverse uses is essential before drafting a product list.
Borax is a versatile, multi-use product that:

  • Is found in various cleaning agents
  • Acts as an antifungal and insect-repellent solution
  • Is used to make slime for kids
  • Helps in preserving flowers, among others

Dive into the Nitty-Gritty of the Borax

Start with the basics

When embarking on your product list, start with the fundamental items you'll need in everyday situations. For instance, a borax based cleaning agent or a borax solution for gardening. Include these in your list:

  • Borax all-purpose cleaner
  • Natural ant killer with borax
  • Laundry booster with borax
    Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Don't forget about fun and hobbies

Borax isn't all work and no play. It's used widely in hobbies too. Remember the slime we talked about? Yes, that's a fun use of borax. So, in your list, include:

  • Borax for making slime
  • Borax for preserving flowers
  • Borax all-purpose cleaner: Ideal for kitchen surfaces, bathroom tiles and more.
  • Natural ant killer with borax: An eco-friendly way to shoo away those pesky ants from your garden.

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