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Chromium Green

Chromium Green

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Product Name: Chromium Oxide Green

Purity Grade: Technical Grade

CAS Number: 1308-38-9

Size: 5 micrometer in average

Appearance: green fine powder

Other Features: Hydrophilic



Chromium Green, a renowned pigment in the paint industry, offers a vibrant and sustainable solution for creating stunning colors. With its numerous applications in various fields, this versatile pigment excels in both aesthetics and performance.

What Makes Chromium Green Stand Out?

Chromium Green is derived from chromium oxide, a compound known for its vibrant green color. This unique pigment possesses excellent lightfastness, meaning it retains its color even when exposed to sunlight or harsh weather conditions. Unlike other organic pigments that may fade over time, Chromium Green ensures long-lasting, vivid hues that can withstand the test of time.

A Sustainable Choice: Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic

In an era where environmental concerns are paramount, Chromium Green stands out as an environmentally friendly option. Unlike some alternatives that rely on heavy metals or toxic chemicals, Chromium Green is free from harmful substances, making it safe for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. Choosing Chromium Green not only guarantees brilliant colors but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability.

Unleash Your Creativity: Countless Applications of Chromium Green

1. Interior and Exterior Paints

Chromium Green's versatility shines through in both interior and exterior paint applications. Whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your living room or create eye-catching facades, this pigment delivers exceptional coverage and color intensity. With its superior opacity, Chromium Green ensures an even and consistent finish, transforming any space into a work of art.

2. Automotive Coatings

Automotive manufacturers rely on Chromium Green for its excellent weather resistance and durability. From luxurious sedans to high-performance sports cars, this pigment provides a stunning, high-gloss finish that enhances the overall aesthetics of vehicles. With its exceptional color stability, Chromium Green allows cars to retain their vibrant appearance, even after years of exposure to the elements.

3. Industrial Coatings and Machinery

When it comes to industrial coatings and machinery, durability and protection are paramount. Chromium Green excels in these applications, as it withstands harsh conditions, including chemicals, abrasion, and UV radiation. By incorporating Chromium Green into coatings for industrial equipment, manufacturers ensure long-lasting protection and maintain a visually appealing appearance.

4. Plastics and Packaging

Chromium Green's versatility extends beyond paints and coatings. It is widely used in the plastics industry for coloring various products, including packaging materials, toys, and consumer goods. The pigment's excellent heat stability and chemical resistance make it a reliable choice for maintaining vibrant colors in plastic products.

Chromium Green stands as a testament to the marriage of aesthetics and sustainability. Its vibrant green hue, exceptional lightfastness, and eco-friendly attributes make it an ideal choice for various applications.
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