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Sodium Carbonate

Sodium Carbonate

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Product Name: Sodium Carbonate Powder

Purity Grade: Analytical Grade

CAS Number: 497-19-8

Size: 0.2 millimetre in average

Appearance: White powder

Other Features: Hydrophilic


Sodium Carbonate is a white, crystalline powder that is highly soluble in water. Its chemical formula is Na2CO3, indicating that it is composed of two sodium (Na) atoms, one carbon (C) atom, and three oxygen (O) atoms. It is derived from the mineral trona or can be produced through the Solvay process, a chemical reaction involving salt (NaCl) and limestone (CaCO3).

The Properties of Sodium Carbonate

  • Versatile pH Regulator: Sodium carbonate is an effective pH regulator due to its alkaline nature. It has a pH of approximately 11 when dissolved in water, making it useful for neutralizing acidic substances and adjusting the pH levels in various applications.
  • Excellent Cleaning Agent: Sodium carbonate is widely used as a cleaning agent and stain remover. It has the ability to break down grease, oils, and proteins, making it an ideal ingredient in laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, and household cleaners.
  • Efficient Water Softener: Hard water, which contains high levels of calcium and magnesium ions, can hinder the effectiveness of cleaning agents. Sodium carbonate acts as a water softener, removing these ions and allowing detergents to work more efficiently.
  • Desiccant Properties: Sodium carbonate has hygroscopic properties, meaning it has the ability to absorb moisture from the surrounding environment. This makes it useful as a desiccant in products such as food packaging, where it helps to prevent moisture-related spoilage.
  • Fluxing Agent: In metallurgy, sodium carbonate is used as a fluxing agent. It lowers the melting point of metals during the smelting process, facilitating the removal of impurities and improving the overall quality of the final product.

The Applications of Sodium Carbonate

1. Detergents and Cleaning Products

Sodium carbonate is a key ingredient in many detergents and cleaning products. Its alkaline nature helps to break down dirt, stains, and grease, making it an effective cleaner for both household and industrial use. Additionally, it acts as a water softener, enhancing the cleaning properties of the detergents.

2. Glass and Ceramic Industry

The glass and ceramic industry relies on sodium carbonate for various processes. It is used as a fluxing agent, lowering the melting point of glass and allowing for easier shaping and molding. In ceramics, it promotes fusion between the clay particles during firing, resulting in stronger and more durable ceramic products.

3. pH Regulator in Water Treatment

In water treatment plants, sodium carbonate is employed as a pH regulator. By adjusting the pH of water, it helps to neutralize acidity and ensure the water is suitable for consumption and other applications.

4. Food Industry

Sodium carbonate finds its way into the food industry, where it serves multiple purposes. It is commonly used as a food additive, acting as a leavening agent in baked goods and a pH regulator in various food processes. It is also used as a food-grade cleaning agent to remove stubborn stains and residues from cooking utensils and equipment.

Safety Precautions When Handling Sodium Carbonate

While sodium carbonate is generally considered safe, it is essential to take certain precautions when handling this compound, especially in concentrated forms. Here are some safety measures to keep in mind:

  1. Wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves and goggles, when handling sodium carbonate.
  2. Avoid inhaling the dust or allowing it to come into contact with your skin or eyes.
  3. Store sodium carbonate in a cool, dry place away from incompatible substances.
  4. Dispose of sodium carbonate waste in accordance with local regulations and guidelines.

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