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Aluminium Powder

Aluminium Powder

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Product Name: Aluminium Metal Powder

Purity Grade: Technical Grade

CAS Number: 7429-90-5

Size: 0.02 mm in average

Appearance: metal color fine powder

Other Features: Hydrophilic/react with water


Aluminium powder is a versatile substance that has a wide range of uses across various industries such as aerospace, construction, electronics, and pyrotechnics. It is a fine powder made of small particles of aluminium that is obtained through a process called milling.

One of the most significant uses of aluminium powder is in the production of lightweight materials for the aerospace industry. The metal’s low density makes it an ideal material for constructing aircraft bodies, which helps to reduce the weight of the aircraft and increase fuel efficiency. Additionally, aluminium powder is used in the production of rocket fuel, as it burns rapidly and release a large amount of energy.

Another important use of aluminium powder is in the construction industry. It is used to make concrete more durable and resistant to corrosion. The metal also acts as a catalyst for certain chemical reactions, making it an essential ingredient in many construction materials. Additionally, aluminium powder is used in the manufacture of paints, coatings, and varnishes, due to its ability to increase the durability and strength of the final product.

In the electronics industry, aluminium powder is used to produce conductive coatings and provide electromagnetic shielding. It is also used in the manufacture of electronic components such as printed circuit boards.

Lastly, aluminum powder is widely known for its use in pyrotechnics. The powder is a key ingredient in many fireworks, producing sparkling effects and colors when ignited. It is also the primary component of flash powder, a highly combustible and dangerous material used in special effects in the film and entertainment industries.

Despite its numerous applications, it is important to note that aluminium powder is a reactive substance and poses several safety risks if not handled properly. The fine particles can easily ignite when exposed to air, heat, and friction. Therefore, it should be handled with caution and stored properly in a dry, cool place.

In conclusion, aluminium powder plays a critical role in several industries and has numerous applications. Its versatility and unique properties have made it an essential ingredient in the production of many high-performance materials. However, precautions must be taken when handling it to prevent accidents and ensure safety.



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