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Product Name: Ground Dolomite

Purity Grade: Technical Grade

CAS Number: 16389-88-1

Size: 1 mm in average

Appearance: light yellow powder

Other Features: Hydrophilic


Dolomite, a sedimentary rock composed primarily of calcium magnesium carbonate, is gaining recognition for its exceptional versatility. This mineral is found abundantly in nature and has been harnessed for various uses throughout history.

Dolomite and its Remarkable Properties

Dolomite boasts several properties that make it a sought-after mineral in various industries. Its unique combination of calcium and magnesium gives it excellent hardness and durability, making it ideal for applications that require robust materials. Moreover, its high melting point further enhances its suitability in environments with extreme temperatures.

Applications in Construction and Building Materials

Dolomite's exceptional properties have made it a staple in the construction industry. It is commonly used in the production of concrete and asphalt as an aggregate due to its high strength and durability. Additionally, dolomite can serve as a flux during the manufacturing of glass and ceramics, enhancing their strength and stability.

Dolomite in Agriculture and Gardening

The agricultural industry has also tapped into the benefits of dolomite. This mineral is widely used as a soil conditioner to neutralize acidity and enhance the absorption of nutrients in crops. Additionally, dolomite is an essential ingredient in animal feed, promoting healthy bone development in livestock.

Dolomite in Environmental Remediation

Dolomite plays a crucial role in environmental remediation projects. Its alkaline nature makes it an effective agent in neutralizing acidic soils and water bodies. Dolomite's ability to absorb heavy metals and toxins contributes to the restoration of contaminated sites and ensures the preservation of ecosystems.

Dolomite for Water Treatment

The use of dolomite in water treatment processes is gaining popularity due to its ability to reduce pH levels and remove impurities. Dolomite acts as a natural filter, removing harmful contaminants and providing clean and safe water.

Industrial Applications of Dolomite

Apart from its widespread use in construction and the environmental sector, dolomite finds its application in various industrial processes. Its chemical composition makes it an essential component in the production of steel, as it aids in maintaining proper slag chemistry. Moreover, dolomite is used in the manufacturing of refractory bricks, essential for lining furnaces and kilns in high-temperature processes.

Mining and Processing Methodologies

Dolomite is typically mined through open-pit methods, where it is extracted from large deposits using heavy machinery. After extraction, the ore undergoes several processing stages to obtain a suitable product for various applications. These processes involve crushing, grinding, and screening, followed by additional treatment methods specific to the desired final product.


Dolomite's versatility and exceptional properties have positioned it as a vital mineral in numerous industries. Its use in construction, agriculture, environmental remediation, and various industrial processes showcase its unmatched utility. As demand continues to grow, it is crucial to prioritize sustainable mining practices to ensure the continuous availability of this valuable resource. Embracing the potential of dolomite opens doors to endless possibilities for innovation and economic development.

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