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Graphite Powder

Graphite Powder

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Product Name: Graphite fine powder

Purity Grade: Technical Grade

CAS Number: 7782-42-5

Size: 20 micrometre in average

Appearance: Black powder

Other Features: Hydrophilic


Revolutionize your industrial processes with our top-notch Graphite Powder! Specially engineered for optimal performance, this ultra-fine powder offers outstanding lubrication properties, making it an ideal choice for various manufacturing, machinery, and automotive applications. Its excellent electrical conductivity ensures efficient performance, making it a go-to solution for electrical components and electrode production. Furthermore, our Graphite Powder boasts remarkable consistency and adherence, allowing for precise control and reduced friction. Experience the reliability and convenience our Graphite Powder brings to your operations and enjoy enhanced efficiency and productivity today!


Graphite is a naturally occurring mineral that is formed through the metamorphism of organic material, commonly found in rocks such as limestone and shale. It is composed of layers of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice structure, resulting in its distinct slippery and greasy texture.

The Remarkable Properties of Graphite

High Conductivity and Low Resistance

One of the most exceptional properties of graphite is its high electrical conductivity. Due to its unique structure, graphite facilitates the flow of electrons, making it an excellent conductor of electricity. This property makes graphite an ideal choice for applications such as electrodes in batteries, fuel cells, and electrical discharge machining (EDM).

Thermal Stability and Heat Resistance

Graphite exhibits excellent thermal stability, with a high melting point of over 3,000 degrees Celsius. It can withstand extreme temperatures without undergoing significant changes in its properties. This characteristic makes it a preferred material for high-temperature applications, including refractories, crucibles, and heat exchangers.

Lubricity and Low Friction

Graphite's layered structure imparts it with remarkable lubricating properties. The carbon atoms in the layers are weakly bonded, allowing them to easily slide over each other. This results in reduced friction and wear, making graphite an ideal lubricant in various mechanical applications, such as locks, bearings, and high-speed machinery.

Chemical Inertness

Graphite is highly chemically inert, meaning it does not easily react with other substances. This property makes it resistant to corrosion, even in harsh chemical environments. As a result, graphite finds extensive use in the chemical industry, where it is employed in the construction of chemical processing equipment, such as pumps, valves, and reactors.

Lightweight and High Strength

Despite its lightweight nature, graphite is incredibly strong and has a high tensile strength. This combination of properties makes it an excellent choice for structural applications that require strength without adding excessive weight. Graphite composites are widely used in the aerospace industry, where they provide both durability and weight savings in the construction of aircraft components.

Versatile Applications of Graphite

Batteries and Energy Storage

Graphite is a crucial component in lithium-ion batteries, which power a vast array of portable electronic devices. Its ability to intercalate lithium ions allows for efficient energy storage and release. In addition to consumer electronics, graphite also plays a vital role in large-scale energy storage systems, such as electric vehicle batteries and grid-level storage.

Metallurgy and Foundry

In the metallurgical industry, graphite serves multiple purposes. Its high thermal conductivity makes it an excellent material for use in the production of molds, crucibles, and ladles for the casting of metals. Furthermore, graphite's low reactivity with molten metals makes it an ideal choice for use in the production of refractory materials used to line furnaces and crucibles.

Industrial Lubricants and Coatings

Due to its exceptional lubricating properties, graphite is widely used as a lubricant in various industrial applications. It is commonly employed in the manufacturing of greases, oils, and solid lubricants for use in heavy machinery, automotive components, and even space exploration. Graphite coatings are also applied to surfaces to reduce friction and enhance wear resistance.

Nuclear Industry

Graphite's ability to withstand high temperatures, its resistance to radiation, and its low neutron absorption make it an essential material in the nuclear industry. Graphite serves as a moderator in nuclear reactors, slowing down fast-moving neutrons and ensuring a controlled nuclear chain reaction. It also finds use in the fabrication of fuel elements and other critical components.

Green Technologies

Graphite's remarkable properties have contributed to the development of various green technologies. It plays a vital role in photovoltaic (solar) cells, fuel cells, and supercapacitors. The lightweight and high conductivity of graphite enhance the efficiency of these renewable energy technologies, paving the way for a sustainable future.

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