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Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil

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Product Name: Mineral Oil/Paraffin Oil

Purity Grade: BP Pharmaceutical Grade

CAS Number: 8042-47-5

Size: 1 litre to 200 litre

Appearance: Water clear liquid

Other Features: Hydrophobic


Mineral oil, also known as liquid paraffin, is a clear and odorless substance derived from petroleum. It is composed of hydrocarbons, making it a non-polar compound. Its unique properties and chemical makeup allow it to be used in a wide range of applications, both industrial and domestic.

The Many Applications of Mineral Oil

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Mineral oil is a common ingredient in numerous cosmetic and personal care products. Its excellent moisture-retaining properties make it an ideal component in lotions, creams, and ointments. By forming a thin film on the skin's surface, mineral oil helps to lock in moisture, preventing dryness and maintaining a healthy complexion.


The pharmaceutical industry also relies heavily on the use of mineral oil. It is commonly used as a lubricant in various oral medications and as a base for ointments and topical creams. Its ability to form a protective barrier on the skin makes it an effective treatment for minor cuts, burns, and skin irritations.

Industrial Machinery

Mineral oil is widely used as a lubricant in industrial machinery. Its excellent viscosity and heat resistance ensure that moving parts operate smoothly and efficiently, significantly reducing friction and wear. Additionally, mineral oil's high flash point makes it a safe option for applications that involve high temperatures.

Food Processing

In the food processing industry, mineral oil has a crucial role to play. It is used as a lubricant for machinery involved in the production and packaging of food products. It helps to prevent food particles from sticking to equipment, ensuring a hygienic and efficient manufacturing process.


Mineral oil is also utilized in the agricultural sector. It is commonly applied as a pesticide to control pests and diseases in crops. When used appropriately, mineral oil forms a protective barrier on plant surfaces, trapping insects and preventing them from feeding or laying eggs.

Veterinary Care

Veterinarians often rely on mineral oil for various animal care applications. It is commonly used as a laxative to relieve constipation in animals, as well as to treat impacted stools. Its gentle and lubricating properties make it an effective and safe solution for addressing digestive issues in pets and livestock.

Is Mineral Oil Safe?

You may have heard conflicting information regarding the safety of mineral oil. While it is generally considered safe for its intended uses, it is crucial to exercise caution and follow recommended guidelines. When used topically in cosmetics and personal care products, mineral oil is considered safe for most individuals. However, some people may be more prone to clogged pores or skin irritation due to its occlusive properties.
Ingesting mineral oil orally should be done under the guidance of a healthcare professional. Improper use or excessive consumption can interfere with nutrient absorption and lead to vitamin deficiencies. It is always best to consult an expert to ensure the appropriate and safe use of mineral oil.

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