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Polyethyleneglycol 400

Polyethyleneglycol 400

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Product Name: Polyethyleneglycol 400/PEG 400

Purity Grade: BP Pharmaceutical Grade

CAS Number: 25322-68-3

Size: 1 litre to 200 litre

Appearance: Water clear liquid

Other Features: Hydrophilic/Miscible with water


Polyethyleneglycol 400, commonly known as PEG 400, is a versatile compound widely used in various industries for its exceptional properties. PEG 400 belongs to the family of polyethylene glycols, which are water-soluble, non-toxic, and have a wide range of molecular weights.

The Properties and Characteristics of Polyethyleneglycol 400

PEG 400 is a liquid compound that is colorless, odorless, and has a low viscosity. It has a high boiling point, making it suitable for applications that involve high temperatures. This compound also has excellent thermal stability, which allows it to be used in a wide range of temperature conditions without degradation.
One of the most remarkable properties of PEG 400 is its water solubility. It has a high affinity for water, making it an excellent solubilizing agent for hydrophilic substances. Additionally, PEG 400 is compatible with many organic solvents, further expanding its range of applications.

Applications of Polyethyleneglycol 400

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Industry

PEG 400 finds extensive use in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. It is commonly used as a solvent, excipient, and carrier in various drug formulations. Its ability to dissolve a wide range of polar and non-polar substances makes it an ideal choice for formulating both oral and topical medications.
PEG 400 is also used in the production of various medical devices, such as creams, ointments, suppositories, and transdermal patches. Its hygroscopic nature helps in maintaining the moisture content in these formulations, ensuring their stability and efficacy.

Personal Care Products

Due to its gentle and non-irritating nature, PEG 400 is widely used in personal care products, including skincare, hair care, and cosmetics. It acts as a humectant, attracting and retaining moisture, thereby providing hydration to the skin and hair. Moreover, PEG 400 enhances the spreadability and absorption of active ingredients in these products, allowing them to penetrate the skin or hair more effectively.

Industrial Applications

In the industrial sector, PEG 400 is utilized in a myriad of applications. It serves as an excellent lubricant and release agent in various manufacturing processes, ensuring smooth operations and preventing the adhesion of materials to molds or surfaces.
Moreover, PEG 400 is employed as a heat transfer fluid, particularly in low-temperature applications. Its high boiling point and thermal stability make it a suitable choice for heat transfer systems, enabling efficient heat exchange and temperature control.

Food and Beverage Industry

PEG 400 can also be found in the food and beverage industry. It is approved by regulatory authorities for use as a food additive, specifically as a solvent, carrier, or emulsifier. Its excellent solubility in both water and organic solvents allows it to be easily incorporated into food and beverage formulations, enhancing their stability and texture.

Why Choose Polyethyleneglycol 400?

Versatility and Compatibility

One of the key advantages of PEG 400 is its versatility and compatibility with a wide range of materials. It can dissolve both polar and non-polar substances, making it suitable for formulating a diverse range of products. This property, coupled with its compatibility with various solvents, allows for easy incorporation of PEG 400 into different systems.

Non-Toxic and Safe

PEG 400 is considered safe for use in pharmaceutical, personal care, and food applications. It is non-toxic, non-irritating, and does not cause sensitization or allergic reactions. These qualities make it an ideal choice for products intended for human use.

Stability and Shelf Life

The exceptional thermal stability of PEG 400 ensures that products formulated with it can withstand a wide range of temperature conditions without degradation. This stability extends the shelf life of various formulations, minimizing the need for preservatives or antioxidants.

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