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Potassium Nitrate

Potassium Nitrate

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Product Name: Potassium nitrate powder

Purity Grade: Technical Grade. Pure Potassium Nitrate, no additive.

CAS Number: 7757-79-1

Size: 50 micrometre in average

Appearance: white color powder

Other Features: Hydrophilic


Potassium nitrate (KNO3) is also called saltpetre or nitre.
Applications of potassium nitrate include the manufacture of fertilizers, pesticides, glass stump remover, etc.
As a fertilizer, Applications of KNO₃ to the soil are made before the growing season or as a supplement during the growing season. A diluted solution is sometimes sprayed on plant foliage to stimulate physiological processes or to overcome nutrient deficiencies.


Potassium Nitrate: Enhancing Plant Growth and other applications

The Versatile Compound that Boosts Greenery

Potassium nitrate, also known as KNO3 or saltpeter, is a versatile compound that finds its applications in multiple fields, from agriculture to other fields.

Understanding Potassium Nitrate: A Delicate Balance

Before we explore its diverse applications, let's understand what potassium nitrate is. Potassium nitrate is a white crystalline powder that contains both potassium (K) and nitrogen (N) in its chemical composition. This compound is highly soluble in water, making it easily accessible to plants and other organisms.

Fueling Plant Growth: The Green Thumb's Secret Weapon

How Does Potassium Nitrate Benefit Plants?

Potassium nitrate acts as a vital nutrient for plant growth. It promotes cell development, enhances water absorption capabilities, and aids in the synthesis of carbohydrates and proteins. Additionally, it assists in the activation of enzymes responsible for plant metabolic processes.

What Are the Key Benefits of Using Potassium Nitrate in Agriculture?

  1. Improved Crop Yield: When used as a fertilizer, potassium nitrate boosts crop productivity by providing the necessary nutrients for vigorous plant growth. This results in higher yields and better-quality crops.
  2. Disease Resistance: Potassium nitrate strengthens plants' immune systems, making them more resilient to diseases, pests, and adverse environmental conditions.
  3. Enhanced Fruit Quality: The application of potassium nitrate promotes fruit development, improves color, and enhances taste, leading to marketable and appealing produce.

How and When to Apply Potassium Nitrate to Plants?

To ensure optimal results, potassium nitrate is commonly applied as a foliar spray or through soil root feeding. For foliar application, a potassium nitrate solution is carefully sprayed on the plants' leaves. Alternatively, it can be added to the soil during the initial stages of growth.
Note: It is important to follow the recommended dosage and application guidelines provided by experts or agricultural consultants.


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