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Sodium Silicate SiO2:Na2O = 3.2

Sodium Silicate SiO2:Na2O = 3.2

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Product Name: Sodium Silicate Water Solution

Purity Grade: Technical Grade

CAS Number: 1344-09-8

Concentration: 42%

SiO2:Na2O = 3.2

Appearance: Water clear liquid

Other Features: Pure Sodium Silicate Water Solution


Looking for a versatile solution to tackle a range of household or industrial needs? Look no further than our Sodium Silicate! This incredible product, made from a unique blend of sodium oxide and silica, offers a world of benefits. From acting as a powerful adhesive to providing corrosion protection, this all-in-one solution is a game-changer. Whether you're fixing broken ceramics, sealing concrete surfaces, or even creating detergents, Sodium Silicate has got your back. Embrace the endless possibilities and let this versatile product be your reliable companion in all your projects!


Sodium silicate water solution, also known as water glass, is a liquid solution composed of sodium oxide (Na2O) and silica (SiO2). It is created by combining water, sodium carbonate, and silica in a specific ratio, resulting in a clear, syrupy liquid. This unique combination of sodium and silica creates a substance that is soluble in water and exhibits excellent adhesive, binding, and protective properties.

The Chemistry Behind Sodium Silicate Water Solution

Sodium silicate water solution is formed through the reaction between sodium carbonate and silicon dioxide. The reaction produces sodium silicate, which can vary in its ratio of sodium oxide and silica depending on the desired properties and applications. The main components of sodium silicate water solution are:

  1. Sodium Oxide (Na2O): This compound provides alkalinity to the solution and contributes to its adhesive and binding properties.
  2. Silica (SiO2): Silica acts as a binder and contributes to the solution's stability and protective qualities.
    The ratio of sodium oxide to silica in sodium silicate water solution is an important factor that determines its properties. Different ratios can be used to obtain solutions with varying viscosity and pH levels, making it suitable for diverse applications.

Applications of Sodium Silicate Water Solution

  1. Detergents and Soaps: Sodium silicate water solution is widely used in the manufacturing of detergents and soaps. It acts as a binder and stabilizer, improving the overall quality and performance of these products.
  2. Daily Cleaning Products: This solution is a key ingredient in various household cleaning products such as tile cleaners, oven cleaners, and degreasers. Its adhesive properties help in removing stubborn stains and greasy residues effectively.
  3. Textile Industry: Sodium silicate water solution is used in textile processes such as dyeing, printing, and finishing. It acts as a reactant and a binding agent, enhancing color fastness and fabric strength.
  4. Paper Manufacturing: Sodium silicate water solution is utilized in the paper industry as a binder, coating agent, and sizing agent. It improves the paper's resistance to moisture, increases its strength, and enhances its printability.
  5. Cement Production: Sodium silicate water solution is added to cement mixtures to improve the binding properties and strengthen the final product. It enhances concrete's durability, making it suitable for construction projects.

Advantages of Sodium Silicate Water Solution

  1. Adhesive Properties: Sodium silicate water solution acts as an excellent adhesive, making it an ideal choice for various bonding applications. Its adhesive strength is especially beneficial when used in manufacturing processes that require a strong bond between different materials.
  2. Binding Agent: This solution acts as a binder in many products and processes, improving their overall stability and strength. It helps to create a cohesive structure by binding the particles together, resulting in enhanced performance and durability.
  3. Protective Coating: Sodium silicate water solution forms a protective coating on surfaces, providing resistance against moisture, chemicals, and corrosion. Its protective properties make it an invaluable component in industries where materials are exposed to harsh conditions.
  4. Versatility: Sodium silicate water solution is highly versatile, with numerous applications in different industries. It can be modified and tailored to meet specific requirements, making it an indispensable substance for various manufacturing processes.

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